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We did a crossword puzzle on date night last night. Anyone at any age can enjoy doing crosswords together…I think you have to be of a more mature age to be able to be good at them though. We decided we aren’t very good, but we still like them. Then we watched Silverado, the ultimate classic of Westerns. Epic.



I laughed today. Apparently I created a flickr account two years ago, and completely forgot about it. So far, what was posted there was our Roomie Roadtrip to New England in July 2007. Good times. See them here:

We’re learning how to cook, by cookin for each other =) I’ll be sharing the recipes we try, successful or just adventurous.  Hope you enjoy!










Today’s Dinner: Rachael Ray’s Parmigiano and Herb Chicken Breast Tenders and a spinach/strawberry/balsamic salad.

Thanks to my handy husband, we had a delish dinner tonight (I love that he’s learning how to cook!)


Between studying Greek and washing the car =)


Nice day for a walk.  I’m going to miss this view.


It’s so incredible living at the foot of a mountain, and being able to literally see for miles and miles…



Also, found a new fun blog today “Urban Nest” — they gave a crafty idea for a father’s day card, and since Ricky and I are in need of a father’s day card I figured I’d attempt it – here’s my try at it

Happy Father’s Day Eve

We enjoyed some of this last night for dinner.

rudys bbq

And then one of these from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

rockymtnchoc apple

I definitely recommend you trying one if you haven’t already gotten the chance… I was so very thrilled that they actually sliced the apple for us… oh man, and was it Delish.

And then my husband blessed me with these pretty new things.


blk nike shoes


So now I have no excuse to avoid the gym or to go on my runs… So I tried them out at the gym today, and though they need a little breaking in, I definitely love love them.

The move will be on hold for now, but come Saturday when I don’t have work, I’ll be able to get my poor closet organized and maybe even all the paperwork in there.  I found some great tips about organizing paperwork on, I’ll have to see if I can work that… especially since we’ll need to have a “mobile-home-office” for a while.

Oh, and a plug for using re-usable bags… since this was one of the things I learned today, i’ll share – apparently plastic bags never break down – hence the immense pile of trash in the ocean (this most of us know), but paper bags use more energy to create – which we need to concerve these days… therefore, promotion for reuseable bags.  You see them everywhere for a dollar or two, they’re easily made out of scraps, or if you’re really into them, there are some sweet sites out there like this one (I definitely want to get my kids one of the kids ones one day – adorable.)

K that’s all for today. peace.

Our happy little home is started to get disrupted from it’s usual comfy-slightly-messy self.


Ricky has a good bit of summer reading for the PC, so try to work on the house and packing so I don’t distract him…





And I’m going to have to say goodbye to my fav bookshelves for the year…they’re sadly starting to empty as the book are packed





Sad emptying walls






yellow shoes

but yellow-shoe-happy-clearance find =)





vacation fun(d)

our little vacation fund jar barely survived the last move, I think this will be the last month of use…but we’ll make sure to put him to good use…just holler if you want to contribute too.



I’m realizing there’s more that I need to learn about pics on wordpress… move moving apartment photos to come…

I’m realizing as I figure out all these settings and options that setting up a blog is more complicated than facebook or twitter.  But could be so much more fun if I knew how to write the code that would change and modify the look and feel of the blog.  Maybe one day…

I’m also realizing pictures are a must (at least if anyone’s like me…I won’t buy a cookbook unless there are colorful pictures of the food I’d make)…I don’t think I’d read this blog unless there were pictures to illustrate my paragraphs of rambling.  That’ll be my next project now that I’ve gotten widgets down…

I’m not a writer like my husband, I’m no fabulous artsy designer or photographer, I’m not much of a blogger either. But, I’ve always enjoyed journaling and scrap booking, so this will be my attempt at both to keep up with friends and family while Ricky and I find ourselves in various parts of the country.

After 7 wonderful months of marriage, we are up and moving from our first little apartment in El Paso, TX back to Gaithersburg, MD (which is my home town) so that he can attend the Pastors College this year. The plan is to move the end of the first week of August, prior to that though, we’ll move into his parents place to save a little bit on rent expenses. That means, we’re moving out in a month! So the packing has begun, and that primarily means we’ve actually sorted through all our books, and packed up most of our long-term storage stuff. So, only a few projects and trip planning left for the month that we are still here. Sigh, we’ve grown fairly attached to our little place, it will be sad to leave. But not knowing what comes after PC is actually pretty exciting (when I’m not worrying about not knowing everything about the future), I know the Lord has good plans for us, and can’t wait to find out what they are.

Well, by the time I’ve actually started to figure out how to use this blog-host. It’s time for bed. More figuring out tomorrow. Moving pictures to come.

Hello there, welcome to our blog


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