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Dan & Katie

I love my cousin Pete, and he found himself an amazing girl to be his wife. They’ve been dating for 7 years, and now it’s finally time for them to jump the broom (or tie the knot if you prefer).  So happy!! They’re getting married tonight.  She’s the dancing master, and I know their reception is going to be the place to be.  Oh, and did I mention? They’re getting married at Comus Inn… one word for that. Perfect.

I can’t wait to catch up with you both and hear all about the festivities when we get to town.

And then there’s my old Roomie, Conita Bonita.  She is a blushing bride tomorrow afternoon. She found herself a car-master-gentleman-to-the-max Chris.  She’s a dancing, artsy-ing, high-fiving, beauty-loving, loyal friend that I love dearly.  I cannot wait to catch up with you both when we get to MD!!

connie and chris silly



His rants and thoughts and comments are always entertaining or thought provoking…or both.
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more pretties

yay for being able to post more pics on flickr!  (Click on the picture above to see the rest of our Santa Fe adventures from last week).

I’m sitting on the couch, next to a pile of used kleenex, my third box of fresh kleenex and some green tea.  I am the snot monster.  But at least having to sit on the couch is giving me a chance to do a little fun reading and catch up on my blog and flickr. (Once my photos finish uploading I’ll get to share them with you, the world.)

It’s been a crazy week since my last little udpate, because we moved out of our sweet little apartment.  I miss it already, it was a great little home for my husband and I for our first 8 months of marriage, now its time to move on, and say goodbye to Apt. 3044.

And a major shout out to our friends who helped us move! Neil, Bobby and Amanda, Jath and our Alcantar Fam. Thanks.  No way we could’ve done it on our own, and I’m so glad we just missed getting rained on! That would’ve been exciting.




Though very sad, this is also very exciting because this means that in 3 weeks we’ll be leaving Texas to drive to Maryland! Wow.  Now that we’re moved out of the apartment, this is all becoming much more real.  I think we’re in the midst of this bittersweet time, trying to get all the time we can with friends and family here in El Paso, but at the same time we’re getting more and more excited for the PC!

Alright, I’m going to crash again so hopefully I can go to work tomorrow.  Thanks husband for working so hard while I’m out of commission.

happy monday everyone

No no, I’m not depressed.  I’m just sitting here at my desk wondering what happened. One day I was basking in the incredible New Mexican sun; and the next day I’m wondering what to do with the piles of paperwork on my desk… dreamily staring that the beige wall behind my computer screen instead of actually reading my emails.  Hm, I think I need a stronger cup of coffee. 














And then, tomorrow we move into the In-Laws. And only a little under a month before we leave for Maryland! Wow.

OK, back to trying to refocus on these stacks of paper.

Highlights from today would be walking around the city of Santa Fe with the fam – shopping all the artisans, eating more delicious food, basking in the New Mexican sun, eating more delish food, and just over all having good quality time with the family. 

Loved finding a uniquely Santa Fe style Starbucks, eating lunch at the Atomic Cafe (despite the lack of AC on a blazing day, the good food was worth it), getting to see the mysterious winding staircase in the chapel made from wood – but without nails, spending a couple hours reading in the sun by the pool, and then getting to visit my new favorite mega-shop Jackolope (one of the artisans there gave me a hand-sculped flower he made in front of Ricky and I – we decided to get a couple of his cute sculped piggies he was selling, love them), AND THEN an amazing dinner at a restaurant in the midst of the artist coridor where we ate some Amazing tapas and desserts.  Now it’s time to chill, and anticipate visiting Albequerque tomorrow, more shopping at two of my fav stores – Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, AND tomorrow evening we get to visit Mars Hill’s church plant and hear Mark Driscoll.  What a great weekend.  (Note: I maxed my limit on Flickr for this month,  I’ll figure out another way to share all the rest of my pics from this past weekend good times and let you know…)


First day of our family weekend in Santa Fe. On the way we took a little side track over to the VLA (Very Large Array). Seriously amazing amazing scenery out here in New Mexico. Wow. Loving and enjoying God’s amazing creation out here in the West. (Click on the pic to see the rest of the pics)
So far, loving the scenery, loving visiting Trader Joe’s, loving the food. Looking forward to shopping tomorrow, little coffee shops, and Sunday visiting the local Mars Hill church plant in Albuquerque.












santa fe farmers market

(Click on the photo to see more photos of our July 4th fun)
Yes, to get dressed up in patriotic outfits and go down to see the parade is a must in this family.  Especially when you know there’s a delish brunch to be had at Nana’s afterwards.

Our 4th consisted of parade – brunch with the fam – watching the Patriot – and then hopping family barbecue’s – ending up at a friend’s place way out in the desert and shooting off all kinds of “pyrotechnics”  till late in the evening, until we were so covered in soot and ash that we just needed to get home to our shower.  Good times.

And i got to try a delish, and incredibly simple dessert =) Stuffed Strawberries =)



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