Highlights from today would be walking around the city of Santa Fe with the fam – shopping all the artisans, eating more delicious food, basking in the New Mexican sun, eating more delish food, and just over all having good quality time with the family. 

Loved finding a uniquely Santa Fe style Starbucks, eating lunch at the Atomic Cafe (despite the lack of AC on a blazing day, the good food was worth it), getting to see the mysterious winding staircase in the chapel made from wood – but without nails, spending a couple hours reading in the sun by the pool, and then getting to visit my new favorite mega-shop Jackolope (one of the artisans there gave me a hand-sculped flower he made in front of Ricky and I – we decided to get a couple of his cute sculped piggies he was selling, love them), AND THEN an amazing dinner at a restaurant in the midst of the artist coridor where we ate some Amazing tapas and desserts.  Now it’s time to chill, and anticipate visiting Albequerque tomorrow, more shopping at two of my fav stores – Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, AND tomorrow evening we get to visit Mars Hill’s church plant and hear Mark Driscoll.  What a great weekend.  (Note: I maxed my limit on Flickr for this month,  I’ll figure out another way to share all the rest of my pics from this past weekend good times and let you know…)