I’m sitting on the couch, next to a pile of used kleenex, my third box of fresh kleenex and some green tea.  I am the snot monster.  But at least having to sit on the couch is giving me a chance to do a little fun reading and catch up on my blog and flickr. (Once my photos finish uploading I’ll get to share them with you, the world.)

It’s been a crazy week since my last little udpate, because we moved out of our sweet little apartment.  I miss it already, it was a great little home for my husband and I for our first 8 months of marriage, now its time to move on, and say goodbye to Apt. 3044.

And a major shout out to our friends who helped us move! Neil, Bobby and Amanda, Jath and our Alcantar Fam. Thanks.  No way we could’ve done it on our own, and I’m so glad we just missed getting rained on! That would’ve been exciting.




Though very sad, this is also very exciting because this means that in 3 weeks we’ll be leaving Texas to drive to Maryland! Wow.  Now that we’re moved out of the apartment, this is all becoming much more real.  I think we’re in the midst of this bittersweet time, trying to get all the time we can with friends and family here in El Paso, but at the same time we’re getting more and more excited for the PC!

Alright, I’m going to crash again so hopefully I can go to work tomorrow.  Thanks husband for working so hard while I’m out of commission.

happy monday everyone