Dan & Katie

I love my cousin Pete, and he found himself an amazing girl to be his wife. They’ve been dating for 7 years, and now it’s finally time for them to jump the broom (or tie the knot if you prefer).  So happy!! They’re getting married tonight.  She’s the dancing master, and I know their reception is going to be the place to be.  Oh, and did I mention? They’re getting married at Comus Inn… one word for that. Perfect.

I can’t wait to catch up with you both and hear all about the festivities when we get to town.

And then there’s my old Roomie, Conita Bonita.  She is a blushing bride tomorrow afternoon. She found herself a car-master-gentleman-to-the-max Chris.  She’s a dancing, artsy-ing, high-fiving, beauty-loving, loyal friend that I love dearly.  I cannot wait to catch up with you both when we get to MD!!

connie and chris silly