Here Ricky and I are, after a busy morning of test taking for him…there was great rejoicing when he completed his first of a year full of weekly tests. =) So we decided to get out of the house on this grey Labor Day, and get some work done at the Mt. Airy Starbucks.  Ricky is busy with his Old Testament studies, while I putter around on the internet…upload pics…. work on actually getting updates lined up for this blog =) and actually get some reading done.  Such a lovely time.


Its nice to get a little secluded from the world, especially when you have a lot going on in your head and heart to pray, talk to God, get some journaling done to help get the jumble of thoughts straightened out a bit.  Whew, this past week, the first full week of PCing was so good.  Ricky’s enjoying his studies, and I’m starting to experience some great fellowship with great new friends…which was especially good this past Saturday morning when we got to have a ladies breakfast time with Betsy Ricucci.  Man, there’s something bonding about sharing favorite desserts.  And then, as we prayed together, the Spirit’s convicting presence was there…and I think that bonded us even more – it was so encouraging to experience the Truth of God’s Word break into my life, and then get to share that and get help from the wise PC wives.  And this is just the beginning.  We get to dive further into fellowship and friendship for the next 10 months.  God is so kind.

Favorite Scripture from the week: Ephesians 4:29 (Thursday night’s exhortation to always be growing in the awareness of God’s work in each other’s life = evidences of grace — excellent reminder, excellent and much needed).

Favorite quote from the week: “This year is about Discovery, not just getting through it.”  Faith, Humility and Anticipation — these are the things I’m seeking to have for this year so that I may learn and grow from this year, not merely feel like I “survived” it.  God has so much in store for all of us, us wives aren’t here in Gaithersburg, MD just because our husbands are at the PC.. it’s because the Lord’s specifically brought us all here for a specific reason, specifically at this time!  =) Wow.

So, here I sit with my coffee.  Mulling it all over.  Listening to old crooners coming out of the speakers above my head. =)  So, I’ll work on keeping these updates going.  And also get you some stories/pics of what we’ve been up to this past month. It’s been good times.  Have a happy labor day.