So, let’s go back.  I told you we went on vacation…but I didn’t tell you anything about our amazing cross-country drive!

July 15, we moved out of our lovely little apartment (sniff sniff, I miss our cozy little first home), and moved in with our gracious Mom and Dad Alcantar until it was time to move to MD.

IMG_1075After our three week time with the fam, during which we shipped out about a million boxes of books out to MD, we then packed up our vibe and the soft-car-top-carrier with our other odds and ends.  And headed out across Texas in the general direction of MD.IMG_1713IMG_1714

Yes, that says 1,987 miles…. 30 hours of driving. =) We had good times together for those three days.  We headed out early on Saturday morning the 8th, stopped in Dallas that evening with old friends the Kims.



The 9th once again headed out early and made it to Nashville, surviving our longest day of driving.  Since we’d left early, we got to Nashville in time to meet up with friends, Dietra and Daniel Mixer who live there with their little guy son, and get some amazing Nashville chicken.  Love them, can’t wait to travel cross-country again so we can hang out with them again.  Once again, we left a little early from our hotel room, and made good time to Gaithersburg, MD where Mom and Marzio met us!

Some of our highlights from the trip: coffee every morning, listening to David Suchet read an Agatha Christie novel, listening to Roald Dahl read his short stories Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Fantastic Mr. Fox, among other NPR podcasts and Messages that Paul Tripp gave on marriage “What Did you Expect” (Which I totally recommend. They’re Excellent!).  We never got lost once, thanks to Lois, our Gamin Nuvi.  Thank you Lois.


Yes. A Tank.