We traveled almost 2000 miles in 3 days.   Arriving in MD on Monday, August 10th.  It’s so wonderful to accomplish such a long journey!  But.  We only had Tuesday in MD, because we planned to leave on Wednesday to drive up to Cape Cod, Mass for vacation.  So how should we spend that precious day? (especially since we knew that the day after we got back from vacation, I would start my new job, and it would only be a few days away from Ricky starting orientation at the Pastor’s College!)

Well, what else? Get up early and go to IKEA of course.


Where we had to get the 99 cent breakfast before breaking our budget on stuff. =) Amazing how delish it was, but i’m not sure if it was really that…or just the sweet price tag of 99 cents…

We had a great time, and I became freshly grateful for this mega store allowing us to furnish our little basement apparment for less than it would have cost us to ship our furniture. =)  It was so great to also get great inspiration on how to use small spaces.  It convinces both of us that we can handle and even love small homes for quite a while!!


We found him his table/desk that he wanted to use for the year (sans the pink chair and the sewing machine….)


We also found inspiration for a home for later on (not purchased yet, but stored away to remember next time we are putting together another home.) =)

IMG_1193I loved this little corner kitchen, and especially the color scheme… seemed very happy to me.  So I decided to take that idea back home with us too… painting in the plans for sure now! =)


But after vacation…  For now, we were justing picking up his desk, bookshelves, a couple area rugs to cover our cool basement floors and such. =)  And of course, we had to grab some Ikea meatballs, white sauce and ligonberry jam….mmmmmmm.

We got home, unloaded our stuff.  Re-packed our bags with vacationing shtuffs, and hit the sack preparing for yet another road trip that would, mercifully, be a shorter ride.  =) To Grammas house. =)