Vacation! =) It was a grand time, where it really seemed like time came to a stop – we enjoyed just being with each other and the family.  Enjoyed the sun (we were blessed with incredible weather), and food, and ice cream, and resting up.

I enjoyed using my camera bunches just for the fun of it, you can see the load of pics I took on my flickr site:


We also got to stop at Edward Gorey’s house on our way home (I just found out that he used to live on Cape Cod before he died! After all these years of vacationing up here…)  Definitely a highlight =)


Who’s Edward Gorey?  An illustrator…he had a dark, sarcastic but light-hearted humor about his illustrations.  I love them.  Ever seen Masterpiece Mystery?  He’s the illustrator of that intro scene you see before the show…

IMG_1541Good times.