Now that Ricky has completed his research paper, Greek midterm and is almost ready to take his weekly exam – we are Free!! I can’t wait for the incredible FL weather and getting to spend 2 1/2 solid days with my love.  And I really cannot believe that it’s been a whole year already, 365 days of wedded bliss-as they say – so true.  AND my amazing husband is taking me to a magical place I’ve never been… DISNEY.


Don’t worry, I’m aware that I am indeed spoiled.  Or to rephrase that, incredibly blessed by God for giving me such a generous, loving, thoughtful, spontaneous, good looking husband. 😉  Can’t. Wait.

Oh and today was a fun day on-the-job.  Huge bonus to being the production team administrator, I get to do things like help setup for in-house concerts – Steve Fee is here tonight. =) Good times.


So now, we’re just going to spend the night studying (well, i’ll probably try and catch up on reading I’ve been wanting to do in Feminine Appeal and Susannah Spurgeon), Ricky will be reviewing his week of Apologetics class notes.  And tomorrow we’re off!