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For some reason before and afters are always intriguing to me.  Something about the improvement or perceived improvement by change to the original – typically for me, I love the before and afters of home improvement projects, a new bedroom design or a fresh take on the kitchen; or the before and afters of literature when a character goes through experiences that pushes them to learn and grow.

Well in a much less thought-provoking sense, here is my before and after =)  I loved loved the fact that I was able to donate almost 15 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.

(oh, and I’m the other jenn on the right, with the long hair, the lovely lady next to me is the Jen, she’s pretty great.)

So, that’s my before and after… and what you’re can’t tell here is that i now have bangs…still workin on figuring out how to style them.

Anyhow, that’s all on that.

Cheers to Sarah and Ryan for chillin with us through the last snowstorm and the super bowl, it was pretty much awesome.  Now, we’ll see what adventures we’ll have for this upcoming one… I wonder if we’ll really get another 10 to 20 on top of the 30 inches of snow we already have.  Excitement.

stay safe y’all.


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