I’m falling in love with this city and the people here more and more the longer I live here.  And my husband Ricky’s love for his city definitely helps me get more excited about it.  He’s been looking for ways for us to get more involved in the community here – and check out this super fun opportunity: Volunteering at the city’s Plaza Theater during their annual Classic Film Festival.  We get to help out, and then sit and enjoy the film – awesome deal.
This theater seriously is incredibly beautiful, built in the 1930’s it became rundown and almost sold off, but the community decided it would be better for the city to restore it to it “original glory” and re-opened it in 2002.  I’m so glad they did, they have so many events (like this Film Festival) that benefit people and brings the community together.  I love that we get a chance to support it.
So we’ll be the ones ushering folks to their seats with our yellow staff shirts, holler if you see us. We’ll be at today’s showing of “Picnic” (older starring William Holden…don’t really know anything about it). And we’re super excited about tomorrow’s showing of “Metropolis”, the old silent film, mostly because they’re bringing in a live orchestra to accompany it.  Whew, that’ll be great.
Check it out.  It’s pretty sweet idea for a date night. Or just ’cause.