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Now, I don’t profess to be a connoisseur of all things Italian, but I like to think that the Italian blood in me can tell when I’ve found something that’s quality.

El Paso… I love this city a little bit more every day, especially when I find gems like this gelato shop.

Gufo Di Milano

Had a delightful lunch with my dear foodie friend Amanda, purely so that we could try out this new place nearby.  It was amazing. I could’ve hung out there and eaten till I was sick.  Every flavor they let us try was amazing.  We both settled on a mix of Bacio (chocolate hazelnut) and Crema Catalana (caramel, lemon & cinnamon).  Divine. Makes me want to start my weekend right now. 

Do you live in El Paso?  Check this place out, seriously.  Avoid the Gelato Factory, they’re trying to pass off something that’s definitely not the real thing.  This place on the other hand, knows how it’s done.  If you have the time, click on the link above, and read about how they make it, for a dessert – it’s very natural, and though you may not be cutting back on the sugar…it’s better for you!

Back to real life, and work.


I’m falling in love with this city and the people here more and more the longer I live here.  And my husband Ricky’s love for his city definitely helps me get more excited about it.  He’s been looking for ways for us to get more involved in the community here – and check out this super fun opportunity: Volunteering at the city’s Plaza Theater during their annual Classic Film Festival.  We get to help out, and then sit and enjoy the film – awesome deal.
This theater seriously is incredibly beautiful, built in the 1930’s it became rundown and almost sold off, but the community decided it would be better for the city to restore it to it “original glory” and re-opened it in 2002.  I’m so glad they did, they have so many events (like this Film Festival) that benefit people and brings the community together.  I love that we get a chance to support it.
So we’ll be the ones ushering folks to their seats with our yellow staff shirts, holler if you see us. We’ll be at today’s showing of “Picnic” (older starring William Holden…don’t really know anything about it). And we’re super excited about tomorrow’s showing of “Metropolis”, the old silent film, mostly because they’re bringing in a live orchestra to accompany it.  Whew, that’ll be great.
Check it out.  It’s pretty sweet idea for a date night. Or just ’cause.

Le Madeleine is a great spot for eating good food, chatting and making fun of people and yourselves with your husband, and pretty much figuring out more how to do life together.

And it really is best over a cup of coffee and little treats

And of course, part of that discussion had to do with the mustache…

Yes. I love my husband.  And though he has said he would shave it for me, I told him not to…this is the one chance he’ll ever have to find out what it’s like to have one.  ever.  no more after January.

yup, we discuss deep issues.

aroma_logoThank you for giving us a delicious dinner experience, allowing us to keep our budget for date night, yet getting to taste amazingly good food!  We saved $25!  And oh man was it delectable.

Aroma1Ricky enjoyed a Seared Mahi Mahi with a cold rice/quinoa salad with sauteed jicama on top.  So refreshing.  I went for the Ropa Vieja, shredded flank steak, rice, black beans and plantains.  As Ricky said, “that beef was marinated in magic”. And just to brag on for a moment, these two $18 dishes only cost us about $6 each.  wow.

And then to top it off, since we’d saved so much mula, we decided to splurge on a little dessert.  It was inspiring.  Pineapple cinnamon wantons with a little vanilla ice cream that had chocolate shavings mixed in. (It was inspiring because I think I figured out how to make them at home, I found wanton wrappers at our local asian market!)

Aroma2Folks, I definitely recommend this little urban place, and it’s right here in Olney! If you like light, fresh foods (not a lot of fried stuff here…and they bring in meat fresh from the market each day… I felt like I’d stepped out of the little country town into a sweet little urban-city restaurant…so good.)

And of course, this was Especially nice because Ricky’s been sick and we’ve finally been able to get out and get a little time together without him feeling miserable!


We did a crossword puzzle on date night last night. Anyone at any age can enjoy doing crosswords together…I think you have to be of a more mature age to be able to be good at them though. We decided we aren’t very good, but we still like them. Then we watched Silverado, the ultimate classic of Westerns. Epic.


We enjoyed some of this last night for dinner.

rudys bbq

And then one of these from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

rockymtnchoc apple

I definitely recommend you trying one if you haven’t already gotten the chance… I was so very thrilled that they actually sliced the apple for us… oh man, and was it Delish.

And then my husband blessed me with these pretty new things.


blk nike shoes


So now I have no excuse to avoid the gym or to go on my runs… So I tried them out at the gym today, and though they need a little breaking in, I definitely love love them.

The move will be on hold for now, but come Saturday when I don’t have work, I’ll be able to get my poor closet organized and maybe even all the paperwork in there.  I found some great tips about organizing paperwork on, I’ll have to see if I can work that… especially since we’ll need to have a “mobile-home-office” for a while.

Oh, and a plug for using re-usable bags… since this was one of the things I learned today, i’ll share – apparently plastic bags never break down – hence the immense pile of trash in the ocean (this most of us know), but paper bags use more energy to create – which we need to concerve these days… therefore, promotion for reuseable bags.  You see them everywhere for a dollar or two, they’re easily made out of scraps, or if you’re really into them, there are some sweet sites out there like this one (I definitely want to get my kids one of the kids ones one day – adorable.)

K that’s all for today. peace.

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