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We traveled almost 2000 miles in 3 days.   Arriving in MD on Monday, August 10th.  It’s so wonderful to accomplish such a long journey!  But.  We only had Tuesday in MD, because we planned to leave on Wednesday to drive up to Cape Cod, Mass for vacation.  So how should we spend that precious day? (especially since we knew that the day after we got back from vacation, I would start my new job, and it would only be a few days away from Ricky starting orientation at the Pastor’s College!)

Well, what else? Get up early and go to IKEA of course.


Where we had to get the 99 cent breakfast before breaking our budget on stuff. =) Amazing how delish it was, but i’m not sure if it was really that…or just the sweet price tag of 99 cents…

We had a great time, and I became freshly grateful for this mega store allowing us to furnish our little basement apparment for less than it would have cost us to ship our furniture. =)  It was so great to also get great inspiration on how to use small spaces.  It convinces both of us that we can handle and even love small homes for quite a while!!


We found him his table/desk that he wanted to use for the year (sans the pink chair and the sewing machine….)


We also found inspiration for a home for later on (not purchased yet, but stored away to remember next time we are putting together another home.) =)

IMG_1193I loved this little corner kitchen, and especially the color scheme… seemed very happy to me.  So I decided to take that idea back home with us too… painting in the plans for sure now! =)


But after vacation…  For now, we were justing picking up his desk, bookshelves, a couple area rugs to cover our cool basement floors and such. =)  And of course, we had to grab some Ikea meatballs, white sauce and ligonberry jam….mmmmmmm.

We got home, unloaded our stuff.  Re-packed our bags with vacationing shtuffs, and hit the sack preparing for yet another road trip that would, mercifully, be a shorter ride.  =) To Grammas house. =)


So, let’s go back.  I told you we went on vacation…but I didn’t tell you anything about our amazing cross-country drive!

July 15, we moved out of our lovely little apartment (sniff sniff, I miss our cozy little first home), and moved in with our gracious Mom and Dad Alcantar until it was time to move to MD.

IMG_1075After our three week time with the fam, during which we shipped out about a million boxes of books out to MD, we then packed up our vibe and the soft-car-top-carrier with our other odds and ends.  And headed out across Texas in the general direction of MD.IMG_1713IMG_1714

Yes, that says 1,987 miles…. 30 hours of driving. =) We had good times together for those three days.  We headed out early on Saturday morning the 8th, stopped in Dallas that evening with old friends the Kims.



The 9th once again headed out early and made it to Nashville, surviving our longest day of driving.  Since we’d left early, we got to Nashville in time to meet up with friends, Dietra and Daniel Mixer who live there with their little guy son, and get some amazing Nashville chicken.  Love them, can’t wait to travel cross-country again so we can hang out with them again.  Once again, we left a little early from our hotel room, and made good time to Gaithersburg, MD where Mom and Marzio met us!

Some of our highlights from the trip: coffee every morning, listening to David Suchet read an Agatha Christie novel, listening to Roald Dahl read his short stories Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Fantastic Mr. Fox, among other NPR podcasts and Messages that Paul Tripp gave on marriage “What Did you Expect” (Which I totally recommend. They’re Excellent!).  We never got lost once, thanks to Lois, our Gamin Nuvi.  Thank you Lois.


Yes. A Tank.


I’m sitting on the couch, next to a pile of used kleenex, my third box of fresh kleenex and some green tea.  I am the snot monster.  But at least having to sit on the couch is giving me a chance to do a little fun reading and catch up on my blog and flickr. (Once my photos finish uploading I’ll get to share them with you, the world.)

It’s been a crazy week since my last little udpate, because we moved out of our sweet little apartment.  I miss it already, it was a great little home for my husband and I for our first 8 months of marriage, now its time to move on, and say goodbye to Apt. 3044.

And a major shout out to our friends who helped us move! Neil, Bobby and Amanda, Jath and our Alcantar Fam. Thanks.  No way we could’ve done it on our own, and I’m so glad we just missed getting rained on! That would’ve been exciting.




Though very sad, this is also very exciting because this means that in 3 weeks we’ll be leaving Texas to drive to Maryland! Wow.  Now that we’re moved out of the apartment, this is all becoming much more real.  I think we’re in the midst of this bittersweet time, trying to get all the time we can with friends and family here in El Paso, but at the same time we’re getting more and more excited for the PC!

Alright, I’m going to crash again so hopefully I can go to work tomorrow.  Thanks husband for working so hard while I’m out of commission.

happy monday everyone

Our happy little home is started to get disrupted from it’s usual comfy-slightly-messy self.


Ricky has a good bit of summer reading for the PC, so try to work on the house and packing so I don’t distract him…





And I’m going to have to say goodbye to my fav bookshelves for the year…they’re sadly starting to empty as the book are packed





Sad emptying walls






yellow shoes

but yellow-shoe-happy-clearance find =)





vacation fun(d)

our little vacation fund jar barely survived the last move, I think this will be the last month of use…but we’ll make sure to put him to good use…just holler if you want to contribute too.



I’m realizing there’s more that I need to learn about pics on wordpress… move moving apartment photos to come…

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