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Hello Friends and Family,

I am joining some family this Saturday in a “Light the Night Walk” in memory of my Aunt Anne, and in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society who are helping families who are facing and will face this devastating disease.

To find out more about this, take a quick look at my page setup to tell you more about it and give you a chance to support this effort as well.

My Fundraising Page

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Thanks for taking a look, but feel no pressure to give, I simply wanted to make you aware of the opportunity and the efforts that are going on.





click here. read about it. support it.

It’s worth it.

here’s another idea:  This month – all that “spare change” that you use on Starbucks, 7-eleven or wherever you like to get your drink of choice – save it, drink some free water instead.  And at the end of the month, give that drink-money to Uganda.  Some people call it a water-fast.

Only $23 dollars gives a person clean water for their Entire Life.

Crazy huh?  yeah. I know.

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