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So, I have this friend. Her name is Kate and she got married last week.  I think I told you about that already.  But I didn’t tell you about her photographer, Lydia.  Another friend of mine =) love her and her work to pieces.

I mean seriously, check her out, consider her for whatever you want pics for. And she’s posted more shots from the wedding, and the gorgeous bride on her blog =)


Here we are sitting in one of our favorite Baltimore coffee houses, Spoons.  Great time to think about this break we’ve been on, and looking ahead into the new year.

So the holidays are some of my favorite times:

– Because of getting good times with family and friends.  Like watching cute movies together like “Up”, cooking lots and lots of scrumptious food, and playing fun crazy games like white elephant with cousins, aunts and uncles etc — which is even better when you win a framed print of an old couple that says “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”. yea.

– Because sometimes is snows.

– Because Special things happen, like people getting married.

– Because I get to cook yummy foods, like this Pot Roast: Oh thank you Paula Deen.

– Because there are holiday sales:

– And because there are lots of bloggers blogging and holiday design and bringing inspiration (from some of my favorites: =)

Thanks Sherry for your beautiful work at Young House Love

Thanks for your inspiration Rachel, at the Urban Nest blog

And I love the earthy beauty that the Visual Notes blog brought from Eva Lindh (Images: Eva Lindh)

– And lastly (but of course not leastly), because we got to start off our new year with a wonderfully provoking sermon from Don Whitney on 1 Timothy 4:7 – check out this blog post (or listen to it).  It’s time now for me to think about this question:  Name one biblical spiritual discipline in which you would like to grow this year.  What specific and practical steps are you going to take to grow? (Should probably work on this resolution before determining the rest… what good is physical/practical resolutions that only last a short time, when spiritual disciplines and resolutions can have a permanent affect?)
Ok, so a Lot more happened these holidays. (there are a few more pics on my flickr) Ricky and I had such a great time on his break.  Now, he hits his studies and preaching and paper writing hard core.  Breaks are good, because the regenerate and re-energize one for the hard work meant for us to accomplish.  Here we come new year.

Dan & Katie

I love my cousin Pete, and he found himself an amazing girl to be his wife. They’ve been dating for 7 years, and now it’s finally time for them to jump the broom (or tie the knot if you prefer).  So happy!! They’re getting married tonight.  She’s the dancing master, and I know their reception is going to be the place to be.  Oh, and did I mention? They’re getting married at Comus Inn… one word for that. Perfect.

I can’t wait to catch up with you both and hear all about the festivities when we get to town.

And then there’s my old Roomie, Conita Bonita.  She is a blushing bride tomorrow afternoon. She found herself a car-master-gentleman-to-the-max Chris.  She’s a dancing, artsy-ing, high-fiving, beauty-loving, loyal friend that I love dearly.  I cannot wait to catch up with you both when we get to MD!!

connie and chris silly

more pretties

yay for being able to post more pics on flickr!  (Click on the picture above to see the rest of our Santa Fe adventures from last week).

I laughed today. Apparently I created a flickr account two years ago, and completely forgot about it. So far, what was posted there was our Roomie Roadtrip to New England in July 2007. Good times. See them here:

Between studying Greek and washing the car =)


Nice day for a walk.  I’m going to miss this view.


It’s so incredible living at the foot of a mountain, and being able to literally see for miles and miles…



Also, found a new fun blog today “Urban Nest” — they gave a crafty idea for a father’s day card, and since Ricky and I are in need of a father’s day card I figured I’d attempt it – here’s my try at it

Happy Father’s Day Eve

Hello there, welcome to our blog


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