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Now that Ricky has completed his research paper, Greek midterm and is almost ready to take his weekly exam – we are Free!! I can’t wait for the incredible FL weather and getting to spend 2 1/2 solid days with my love.  And I really cannot believe that it’s been a whole year already, 365 days of wedded bliss-as they say – so true.  AND my amazing husband is taking me to a magical place I’ve never been… DISNEY.


Don’t worry, I’m aware that I am indeed spoiled.  Or to rephrase that, incredibly blessed by God for giving me such a generous, loving, thoughtful, spontaneous, good looking husband. 😉  Can’t. Wait.

Oh and today was a fun day on-the-job.  Huge bonus to being the production team administrator, I get to do things like help setup for in-house concerts – Steve Fee is here tonight. =) Good times.


So now, we’re just going to spend the night studying (well, i’ll probably try and catch up on reading I’ve been wanting to do in Feminine Appeal and Susannah Spurgeon), Ricky will be reviewing his week of Apologetics class notes.  And tomorrow we’re off!



Vacation! =) It was a grand time, where it really seemed like time came to a stop – we enjoyed just being with each other and the family.  Enjoyed the sun (we were blessed with incredible weather), and food, and ice cream, and resting up.

I enjoyed using my camera bunches just for the fun of it, you can see the load of pics I took on my flickr site:


We also got to stop at Edward Gorey’s house on our way home (I just found out that he used to live on Cape Cod before he died! After all these years of vacationing up here…)  Definitely a highlight =)


Who’s Edward Gorey?  An illustrator…he had a dark, sarcastic but light-hearted humor about his illustrations.  I love them.  Ever seen Masterpiece Mystery?  He’s the illustrator of that intro scene you see before the show…

IMG_1541Good times.

We traveled almost 2000 miles in 3 days.   Arriving in MD on Monday, August 10th.  It’s so wonderful to accomplish such a long journey!  But.  We only had Tuesday in MD, because we planned to leave on Wednesday to drive up to Cape Cod, Mass for vacation.  So how should we spend that precious day? (especially since we knew that the day after we got back from vacation, I would start my new job, and it would only be a few days away from Ricky starting orientation at the Pastor’s College!)

Well, what else? Get up early and go to IKEA of course.


Where we had to get the 99 cent breakfast before breaking our budget on stuff. =) Amazing how delish it was, but i’m not sure if it was really that…or just the sweet price tag of 99 cents…

We had a great time, and I became freshly grateful for this mega store allowing us to furnish our little basement apparment for less than it would have cost us to ship our furniture. =)  It was so great to also get great inspiration on how to use small spaces.  It convinces both of us that we can handle and even love small homes for quite a while!!


We found him his table/desk that he wanted to use for the year (sans the pink chair and the sewing machine….)


We also found inspiration for a home for later on (not purchased yet, but stored away to remember next time we are putting together another home.) =)

IMG_1193I loved this little corner kitchen, and especially the color scheme… seemed very happy to me.  So I decided to take that idea back home with us too… painting in the plans for sure now! =)


But after vacation…  For now, we were justing picking up his desk, bookshelves, a couple area rugs to cover our cool basement floors and such. =)  And of course, we had to grab some Ikea meatballs, white sauce and ligonberry jam….mmmmmmm.

We got home, unloaded our stuff.  Re-packed our bags with vacationing shtuffs, and hit the sack preparing for yet another road trip that would, mercifully, be a shorter ride.  =) To Grammas house. =)

Vacationing on Cape Cod, MA

Yes, it’s been over a month since I’ve updated… or maybe not quite that long, but yes, it’s been ages. So I wanted the world to know that we are still alive, that we made it to Maryland safely, Ricky started Pastor’s College and I’ve started my new job. And now that we’ve finally finished setting up our new little home, it’s time to start the blogging to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to since leaving Texas! It’s been fun times, so stay in touch. I actually know where my computer power cord is, so I can get some real work done.

Update, coming soon.

Hello everyone,  I’ve been a slacker when it comes to updating since we moved out of our apartment.  Though, I have to say, I think in God’s kindness our moving out a couple weeks ago was perfect timing.  I just heard that a few days ago there was a pretty big fire in the same apartment complex.  Whew.  Thank you Jesus for sparing us from that.

So the latest is this: we are currently enjoying our last couple of weeks in El Paso living with my in-laws.  Which includes wonderful little things like getting to play in the pool with the girls on hot summer days, and getting to learn to drive standard in their little Mini.  It’s been good times.

Now it’s about a week out from our big move to the East Coast, and I can’t believe how fast the time is going!  We are having goodbye parties this weekend with our friends and church, which we are going to miss dearly.  But you all know, the invitation stands, y’all gotta come visit us in the DC Area! =)

We have a few more boxes to ship, and ricky got us a car top carier today, so I think we’re all set for the actual move.  And last weekend we got stocked up on audio books to help keep us occupied for our 34hr trip =).  Which we decided to break into three days =)  I’m super excited.  Some friends of ours are putting us up in Dallas on the first night, and then we booked a hotel in Nashville for the second night. I’ve never been to either city, so I’m glad we get to stop through them =)  Then, a day after we get “home” to MD, we head up to Cape Cod, MA for a week of vacay, which will be greatly appreciate after the move. =)  AND THEN it all begins.

And, I just have to say, we just made our plans for our first anniversary trip.  We get to go somewhere I’ve never been before, but have always wanted to see:  Florida…. Disney World!  It’s going to be magical.  And I can’t wait.  Wow, has it really almost been a year already? =)  So that’s my update.  Hopefully I’ll find my camera soon, and that’ll make updates a little more interesting.


more pretties

yay for being able to post more pics on flickr!  (Click on the picture above to see the rest of our Santa Fe adventures from last week).

Highlights from today would be walking around the city of Santa Fe with the fam – shopping all the artisans, eating more delicious food, basking in the New Mexican sun, eating more delish food, and just over all having good quality time with the family. 

Loved finding a uniquely Santa Fe style Starbucks, eating lunch at the Atomic Cafe (despite the lack of AC on a blazing day, the good food was worth it), getting to see the mysterious winding staircase in the chapel made from wood – but without nails, spending a couple hours reading in the sun by the pool, and then getting to visit my new favorite mega-shop Jackolope (one of the artisans there gave me a hand-sculped flower he made in front of Ricky and I – we decided to get a couple of his cute sculped piggies he was selling, love them), AND THEN an amazing dinner at a restaurant in the midst of the artist coridor where we ate some Amazing tapas and desserts.  Now it’s time to chill, and anticipate visiting Albequerque tomorrow, more shopping at two of my fav stores – Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, AND tomorrow evening we get to visit Mars Hill’s church plant and hear Mark Driscoll.  What a great weekend.  (Note: I maxed my limit on Flickr for this month,  I’ll figure out another way to share all the rest of my pics from this past weekend good times and let you know…)


First day of our family weekend in Santa Fe. On the way we took a little side track over to the VLA (Very Large Array). Seriously amazing amazing scenery out here in New Mexico. Wow. Loving and enjoying God’s amazing creation out here in the West. (Click on the pic to see the rest of the pics)
So far, loving the scenery, loving visiting Trader Joe’s, loving the food. Looking forward to shopping tomorrow, little coffee shops, and Sunday visiting the local Mars Hill church plant in Albuquerque.












santa fe farmers market

I laughed today. Apparently I created a flickr account two years ago, and completely forgot about it. So far, what was posted there was our Roomie Roadtrip to New England in July 2007. Good times. See them here:

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