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For some reason before and afters are always intriguing to me.  Something about the improvement or perceived improvement by change to the original – typically for me, I love the before and afters of home improvement projects, a new bedroom design or a fresh take on the kitchen; or the before and afters of literature when a character goes through experiences that pushes them to learn and grow.

Well in a much less thought-provoking sense, here is my before and after =)  I loved loved the fact that I was able to donate almost 15 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.

(oh, and I’m the other jenn on the right, with the long hair, the lovely lady next to me is the Jen, she’s pretty great.)

So, that’s my before and after… and what you’re can’t tell here is that i now have bangs…still workin on figuring out how to style them.

Anyhow, that’s all on that.

Cheers to Sarah and Ryan for chillin with us through the last snowstorm and the super bowl, it was pretty much awesome.  Now, we’ll see what adventures we’ll have for this upcoming one… I wonder if we’ll really get another 10 to 20 on top of the 30 inches of snow we already have.  Excitement.

stay safe y’all.


Happy Christmas and New Years all! (It’s not too late to wish everyone that, right?)

New years resolution #1 – update my blog more than 1x ea month….

But really, Happy New Years! There are so many of y’all I’m just so grateful for.  Family and friends, friends who are like family… You all are so dear to our hearts, and its around these times that we reflect on this more than usual, isn’t it?  So many exciting things have been happening in all of y’all’s lives, I don’t even know what to do with myself!  Dear friends getting engaged, married, pregnant =) God is so good, isn’t He?

Just this last week my dear friend and old roomie (or Boomie as we affectionately called each other), got married! =)

Girl, what an incredibly gorgeous bride! =) Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! =)

So, from Ricky and I, I just want to wish you all a wonderful new year, full of joy and experiences of God’s goodness and amazing grace.

God bless.

Thanks so much to my friend Sarah, I got to try a delicious, simple apple cake!

Thursday and Friday  nights are usually study nights for my hubby, so sometimes that means that I bring dinner to the Pastors College and pull him away to eat with me for a few minutes.

This past Thursday we had the amazing privilege to have a combined meeting with CJ and Carolyn Mahaney where we got to ask them any kind of questions we wanted to about life, marriage or parenting (most of the PC students have kids aside from us).  It was such a helpful time!  And because this meeting was at the church, I again brought him a little dinner and dessert =) Apple Cake!  And it was sweet goodness, so I wanted to share it with y’all.

And the grand thing that was additionally grand  about it is that it’s incredibly easy, and reasonably healthy for a dessert.  (Note, use applesauce instead of oil).

And it was even better experience because I even got home in time to make this and enjoy a beautiful sunset at the same time =)

The only adjustment I made to the recipe, is that I added a few more spices to the mix — a little nutmeg, a dash of ginger, and little bit of ground cloves.And then, it’s a better idea to cook it in a bundt pan…but I couldn’t find mine, and I wanted to make sure it cooked right, so I thought i’ll treat it more like sweet bread and cook it in bread pans.

They turned out great =) and didn’t take quite a whole hour to cook (so keep an eye on it).  Once you test it and your toothpick is clean =) that means yummy goodness is just waiting for your waiting taste buds to enjoy.  mmmm.

A Moist, cozy, light dessert to enjoy on a cold wet evening.  Thanks so much Sarah. =)

squinty eyed

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So we had a really great time on the weekend my love decided to take me to Disney World for our anniversary. Click on the picture above to see more of our adventures on flickr where all the pics are stored.


His rants and thoughts and comments are always entertaining or thought provoking…or both.
Check it out:

No no, I’m not depressed.  I’m just sitting here at my desk wondering what happened. One day I was basking in the incredible New Mexican sun; and the next day I’m wondering what to do with the piles of paperwork on my desk… dreamily staring that the beige wall behind my computer screen instead of actually reading my emails.  Hm, I think I need a stronger cup of coffee. 














And then, tomorrow we move into the In-Laws. And only a little under a month before we leave for Maryland! Wow.

OK, back to trying to refocus on these stacks of paper.

I’m realizing as I figure out all these settings and options that setting up a blog is more complicated than facebook or twitter.  But could be so much more fun if I knew how to write the code that would change and modify the look and feel of the blog.  Maybe one day…

I’m also realizing pictures are a must (at least if anyone’s like me…I won’t buy a cookbook unless there are colorful pictures of the food I’d make)…I don’t think I’d read this blog unless there were pictures to illustrate my paragraphs of rambling.  That’ll be my next project now that I’ve gotten widgets down…

I’m not a writer like my husband, I’m no fabulous artsy designer or photographer, I’m not much of a blogger either. But, I’ve always enjoyed journaling and scrap booking, so this will be my attempt at both to keep up with friends and family while Ricky and I find ourselves in various parts of the country.

After 7 wonderful months of marriage, we are up and moving from our first little apartment in El Paso, TX back to Gaithersburg, MD (which is my home town) so that he can attend the Pastors College this year. The plan is to move the end of the first week of August, prior to that though, we’ll move into his parents place to save a little bit on rent expenses. That means, we’re moving out in a month! So the packing has begun, and that primarily means we’ve actually sorted through all our books, and packed up most of our long-term storage stuff. So, only a few projects and trip planning left for the month that we are still here. Sigh, we’ve grown fairly attached to our little place, it will be sad to leave. But not knowing what comes after PC is actually pretty exciting (when I’m not worrying about not knowing everything about the future), I know the Lord has good plans for us, and can’t wait to find out what they are.

Well, by the time I’ve actually started to figure out how to use this blog-host. It’s time for bed. More figuring out tomorrow. Moving pictures to come.

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